8mm White Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet

$19.25 $39

CRAZY LACE AGATE is also called the Laughter Stone, or "Happy Lace". The stone escalates the power of perseverance and fearlessness inside the person. It has the capability of absorption of emotional pain and other negative thoughts. It assists in focusing of the mind towards the completion of the task in making wealth. 

The Crazy lace agate benefits are numerous, especially encouraging braveness and endurance during battle. It helps in the escalation of energy or regains the power to do something beneficial. It promotes self-confidence, positiveness in thoughts, and maturity in your problems.

The crazy lace agate beads are shining crystals with bright colors giving meaning to life. It is referred to as a healing stone as it provides strength, courage, energy, and a motivation to do something appropriate. It keeps you energetic the whole day and indulges you in a matter of happiness and success.

Based on physiological behavior, it gives stability to your emotional hormones to keep them in balance. It assists in the purification of the Lymphatic system and pancreas and helps in the fortification of blood vessels.

Please select your actual "wrist size" (not the size you think the bracelet should be) in the dropdown menu and I will make sure the bracelet fits your wrist. Your wrist size is the actual wrist measurement in the location where you will be wearing your bracelet. The measurement is in inches.

Round your wrist size result to the nearest 1/4". That number will be your 'Wrist Size'.


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