6mm Kyanite Bracelet


Kyanite's meaning is "Deep Blue," which has emerged from the Greek word. It helps in managing your life with sorted strategy and makes you comfortable in your dealings and other relations.

✤ For Solving Disputes and disagreements
Kyanite has a magical impact on our lives with its spiritual properties. It assists in resolving disagreements and disputes in your dealings. It is imperative to resolve conflicts to achieve your aim and vision, and this stone takes responsibility for that and keeps you a neutral person.

✤ Get rid of Anger, Frustration, and Stress.

It helps you in getting rid of anger, stress, confusion, and frustration. It assists in giving you a spiritual spirit to manage things in a better-civilized way. It helps in controlling your anger to someone and provides relaxation from stress.

✤ Love and Relationship
Kyanite benefits explain that it influences loyalty and fulfillment in a relationship and makes everything perfect between you and your partner. It stimulates the love hormones and drives away all negative thoughts in the relation. It supports the relationship in a better way, like in negotiation with others.

✤ Physiological Impact
It supports Love hormones and creates emotions for a relationship. It decreases anxiety and stress by balancing the hormone's function. It also regulates the blood circulations in the body.


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